Reviews for "Crackpot the Clown Poem"

nice poem, good rhymes, epic art

Cracked from the cold? That's somewhat creepy.

Humans grows old
The world gets cold
This is a mould
That try's to hold

We live and forget
For this offset
We created shadows
Made in rock, rather shallow!

But ghost of the past
Passed, trashed, yet lasted
This building site outright
Cover's the sight, dark as night

...Not quite, Its a delight!
Having height and giving fright
We stand on the land
Yielding to no demands.

(Story of what I think for those who question the poem)
Fearing forgetting they built a statue. Yet it gazes upon there town and its shadow drowns the land. Rather ironic of a story! Bigger then real and always in there sight and mind, its the beginning of a beautiful night...(statue wins)

The death of a building is rather sinister... Its dangerous and its depressing to see what was meant to last, never passes. In the end they all fail the requirement and crumble back to dust. Yet we still see the hell we made for this building. We collect scratches and scars. And in the end we fall. The only difference is how far we go down at that point...

Good story and rather effective in scary atmosphere. That's a nice ambiance carried out. I tried a review worthy of your work yet, I stumble half way. When you lose the moment you can't force it back...

Hope we get more of these stories in the future!

this was amazingly creative! you must've had the opposite of art block for this. art release???
very nice horror poem though.

those are the type of creepy things that kept me up at night as a kid. O_O

doublemaximus responds:

Hehehe thank you! I was feeling a bit more on the creepy side when I made this hehehe

I really liked this. I had to read it aloud starting from a cheery voice and slowly decend to a a sinister growl. 5 * :D I'd like to see more stuff like this to be honest. It's very original.

wow!! creepy and well drawn. You really made him look like a maniac as it developed. My favorite was the 5th panel.