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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"

Like it

Its good, but i dont really like your classic dj transitions, they really just take the energy out of it, and u know whats comming anyway. Its good to have breaks in the song, but not with these lame transitions (ill point to it: 0:28~0:42, 2:05~2:32) Maybe its just me but i dont quite like those. The rest of the song is awesome, good job.

This song is really good! This has nice melody and has some great piano parts! The only flaw is the drop is very repetitive. Another flaw is that the first and second drop are the same, they could use some variation. Otherwise, good song. 4/5

i actually didnt like this one

i mean its not bad, its just not good, compared to your previous works

attack of the harshness

the kick failed to cover the bass in my opinion. intro was good, as was song structure. this song had some really thick, pleasing high-mids. very warm. there is, however, a massive gap in your mix particularly in the bass(ish) regions, i'm talking about 500Hz. don't use a harmonic exciter, just reEQ it please

i'm not a fan of the clap, but the HH is doing the job well. the clap needs a gentle highcut.

not much else to say about this one. many of the ideas in this song have been overdone in my opinion, but it's still decent melodywork.

spend more time on this. 5'd for you.


Same generic dance music : crescendo, music graduallty getting faster and higher pitched and the heavier beat comes in ,then at the ending with the echo of the last note. Way too predictable and it has already been heard many ,many times before. I don't mean to say that I don't like your work, just that you can do much better than a song like this.