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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"


A very good piece of music, Gratz
Keep up the good work!


Speechless. That's what I am. Now. Listening.
Seriously, epic stuff.
Great melody, awesome transitions, epic drops. What's more to add?
Some mastering. I felt the main melody (first occurence 0:41) kicks in very nicely but the problem is that there is a lot of background noise and it makes it hard to recognize each sound, whcih makes it a bit harder to listen to, even tough it's really awesome.
The fact is that the epic factor is so high that those imperfections are easily covered by the awesomeness of the melody and synths, all mixed together, and again the drops. They're the best.

Overall: great song. Just some mastering needed.

9 / 10, 4.5 (4) / 5
- lemon42


i hada decision if could give you an 8 or a 9 (i couldn't give you a 10 because the song was a bit too loud) hi 5 for the music it's awesome and you rock! :D


Very nice.. but the progression makes meh sigh.
I mean, excellent build-up n everything as with all of your songs, but the harmonic side of your music can grow stagnant.
Branch out. :D

This song is really good! This has nice melody and has some great piano parts! The only flaw is the drop is very repetitive. Another flaw is that the first and second drop are the same, they could use some variation. Otherwise, good song. 4/5