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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"

This is so awesome

I like the build up, the sounds, the rhythm, and the melody.
What i don't like, is that one little annoying pitch your arp (i guess it's that) does sometimes :/
That being said, it is still one of the biggest masterpieces i have seen, and truly deserves my 9/10 5/5


... Somehow the pitch is starting to sound better :P

F-777 responds:

Aw you dont like the portamento pitch =(.
Haha i really thought it was a cool touch but i guess
its kinda a new feel.

Thanks so much for the review im really glad you like it =).
(pitch sounding better?...YES!!!)

Haha thanks again!

yo liked the mix

the chorus was sick a lil slow for this style of dance but other than that a great mix. would be perfect in certain games to raise the hype. great job keep up the good work man i know how hard it is to make complicated style mixs like this up.

my head exploded


Very good, one problem...

Im pretty sure this is a remix of Crying soul by B0UNC3! At least, the beginning, the one two the four three two... It sure sounds like it...
But it is very good other wise!

F-777 responds:

its not =). Also B0UNC3 didn't make Crying Soul his is a remix. Thanks though for the review!!! Im glad you like it!


i went all day with your song "missing you" in my head, playing over and over and over and i was happy. now this has replaced it and im glad it did.
keep up the work, comrade

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much!! =).