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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"

G'day Jess

Heya Jess i was just reading some of the reviews and there is a lot of variaty
basically im not going to be stuffed to say what the others have allreadys said
i loved this song the only problem and you have done this a few times with your other songs is that there isnt anything constant its always changing which is great in a longer song 8 minutes of so but in this it seems to just be to sudden of changes.
Still all your work is great this one is no exeption


I really like this song. I saved it to my folder ''music for inspiration''. I hope to become as good as you are! Thanks for inspiring me!

Jesse got ze top five

Another one of your magical songs got top five haha. Great work bro! Wonderful stuff here as usual. You've gotten pretty good putting some emotion in your music. I don't even think you need me anymore hah. =) Much luv bro!


I hear a lot like this.

Sometimes I think just same old, same old. But this is awesome stuff. I'd give it 9.99999999 out of 10 if I could.

A great... chip-like start, with a great drop and beat to back it up! Great Song overall, with coming back down from the main section and building up again. I GREATLY enjoy the pattern of music. It is very easy to rock out to this music, just like everything else on your audio. THANK YOU JESSE!