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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"

Very Envy-ish! Good Job!

This is actually really good! Awesome buildups and a VERY epic climax! I think you did really good here, but some suggestions:

-Raise the volume of the kicks in the climax, they weren't loud enough. Maybe do some sidechaining on the overpowering instrument, I don't know. Just make 'teh kicks moar awsum'.

-The transition at 1:50 was all too sudden, random and just not very smooth. I think you could make that a little more sexy.

-Although you made very good use of different instruments, I think you used just a little too many. Usually we as reviewers complain for too little variation, this time I'm gonna complain for too much variation. The song didn't really sound as one whole.

-The climaxes could be longer. The buildups are really long, which is horrible to 'dance' on. The climaxes were actually very short compared to the buildups.

-There also were a lot of different buildups. Drum rolls, sirens, etc. They're very good for building up tension, but don't over-use them.

Overall, VERY good song, gratz. =] I'm gonna rate 9/10 for those little things I wrote, and 5/5! Download.

F-777 responds:

Long review...im so happy right now.


- I did sidechain and the kick is fairly loud on all 3 sets of speakers i have here
hmmm...ye loud on my headphones too. I guess maybe you like much louder and
i do too but i didn't want it too loud for this song =). Just the feeling i was going for.

- Longer climaxes? I can't win! Haha sometimes people complain my climaxes are
too long i guess it really depends on the buildups. Yes your right they are quite short
compared to the buildups. Maybe ill make another Dance Version =).
Thanks so much for the review!!


The piano in the middle segment makes it that much better, I was wondering if I should download, and then the piano came in. I've made up my mind!!!

Another F-777 hit!


This is a happy song.I like it,there was SOME (like 1 or 2/3) parts that wasent funky enough,lol.Anyway,like the song,really cool by the way.Also,i like the beat and the catch up.Well,this ain't the best song in the world,but to me,it's one of the best i ever heard in my life.I put in a 9 for the reason of the parts that wernt 'dancing'.The into is nice,you start in a cool refreshing intro (like theres smoke in a band when the band starts playing their music.

Overall,i should rate this a 10,but due to the 'not dancing enough' parts frowned me,overall this is a good song,and i like it.Really balanced,make more of this,you'll get the hang of it.Well,hope this review is good! =)

~Avascar,The Game Maker

sounds like...

It sounds alot like New Numa by Gary Brolsma.
HAH! i was the first to figure it out!....i think?

very good

its really good dude you got talent, its not really my taste persay but i hear talent keep it up