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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"

Great Job!

Have Almost all your songs on my comp, this one is one of the best! ;) keep it up

very clean

sound quality is very nice , u did made such a nice mastering there , exept the simple bass lead , i like the song , especially how u play with synths envellope to make the breakdowns and transitions.

have a nice day and don't kill yourself with all this tracks to finish man



I listen to all of your songs and they just keep getting better and better. Every song you make is different and better then the last.This song is one of the best songs you have made so far! Keep up the good work :D!

Awesoem dance tune!

Love this man its badass and quality awesome job! =D

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much dude =). Really glad you like it!


I've been feeling so down lately... sad and all, you know.

Then I listened to this song... it's so great! Happy and full of energy even though the tempo isn't anything insanely fast. I really like it :3

Great work, Jesse :3

F-777 responds:

I cheered you up!?! Woah that is so cool!
Thanks so much for the review you know i love your opinions.

Ill catch you on msn later!

Thanks again!