Reviews for "Once More - F-777"

it's like...

a river of pure music you just want to jump into and flow with it for eternity.


hey!! excellent job!! i love the plucks! can you send me that plucks!! and all the trance plucks you have!! please!! my msn is
i really like it!! :D

Like it

Its good, but i dont really like your classic dj transitions, they really just take the energy out of it, and u know whats comming anyway. Its good to have breaks in the song, but not with these lame transitions (ill point to it: 0:28~0:42, 2:05~2:32) Maybe its just me but i dont quite like those. The rest of the song is awesome, good job.

I totally agree with Baconwrappedbacon.

I was listening to the epicness, hearing the buildup.
Then, the real music started. And I was just imagining
reviewing "I just came in my pants" but then I realised
it had been said already. Seriously, I just had several
eargasms. I don't usually give a ten.

oh man

how do i download this to my ipod? Because man this is AWESOME

everything: 785695677 out of 10