Reviews for "3D Drawing Tutorial"

Definitely helpful

cool full animation too ^^;

Crazy Kool

hells ya, that was amazing, i think i go try and make one my self, that was inspiring.... wow thx

Thank you for teaching me that!

Thank you so much for teaching me that. Now I know how to draw buildings, sidewalks, etc. as shown in this flash. I really needed to learn something like this and my wish has came true. This is very helpful to us. All my 5's belong to you, paisano. My compliment is: You are awesome for making this. *pats the author on the back* Excellent job, dude.


Amazing job,dood!All my 5 are belong to this!You learned me absolutley everything!Thank you soo much!You are in my favs!

awesome tutorial

great tutorial, this helped alot!