Reviews for "3D Drawing Tutorial"


Nice job...really. You must be really expirienced with graphics. Good job putting all your knowledge into a Flash production. This will help many, I'm sure of it.

pretty good

I learned perspective in art class when i was in 7th grade. but the teacher never got in depther like this. I have been drawing perspective for quite awhile and i never quite knew how to do windows and stuff like that correctly. thanks, you helped me out a little and I'm sure you are helping countless others. maybe add some music with your next tut.


Its intresting, esspecialy the drawing animation, its a good quality tutorial, but something tells me something big is missing, it somehow feels empty for a reason...

its pretty decent

i dont say this about alot of flash movies but this is pretty good i liked it and the tutorials that come in (good ones like this or better) deserve a 5 because they are just trying to help people who are beginners at flash get the hang of it, good going keep it up!

creator of the baz shorts and the lah series

It's okay

I'm assuming this is incomplete. Some sort of explanation, either audio or text, would be very helpful. Even so, the step-by-step was very simple and clean. Good job.