Reviews for "3D Drawing Tutorial"

Makes 3D look so easy.

Nice "fill-in the color" animation, especially with the glass building. I'm learning CAD and parametric solid modeling and it's a nice break from my homework.


go more in-depth with coloring
show more complex 3-d items

Decent tutorial

But that's pretty basic stuff taught in most elemntary art classes. Having to use guidlines so extensively can be a slow and crutch-like, but it's fine for a begginer. Also your text perspective was off! In a perspective tutorial, that's a no-no. Here's a hint on putting text in perspective, have it rotated and tilted to the angle of the building lnie above it, and have its skew to match the wall-line to right or left of it. (www dot gameforest dot com/images/2005/wipjen dot png) There are some examples in there, hard to see withotu the ability to zoom. Mine in isometric view, but the perspective still applies. In normal perspectie words might get noticably smaller eventually depending on where it's placed however.

Good effort =)

You should have gone deeper into coloring, Anyone can figure out how to simply color different sides differently. And you should have explained 1 and 3 vanishing point drawing.

Sort of limited

I can see the amount of good use for this tutorial but one thing strikes me as odd.

You don't go more into the advanced modes of 3D drawing. Your only focus is the exact middle. There are times when someone has to do 3D drawing at a different point for vanishing points or even coloring. Maybe you should update this and go more into detail of REAL 3D drawing. Good effort, though.