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Reviews for "-Orr- Colony"


This is really great. Excellent tonal variety throughout the track give it a very lively and broad feel. The strings sound powerful and emotional without being exaggerated. Percussions are also on point. Additionally, the whole thing just feels like it's been mastered pretty well, you did a great job there.

The greatest thing about this track is that it maintains a great orchestral sound but also interestingly combines elements of rock and electronica. The synth and guitar sounds are beautifully integrated. However, I do have say that I feel that the guitar sounds a little muddy and distant at times. I wish it had more presence in the mix. While the tone of the guitar is fine, I wish it was maybe equalized a little differently to make it stand out a bit more.

This is are really great track. You have a great sound going, lots of interesting ideas, and it comes off as very professional. 5/5

DavidOrr responds:

I'm still fine tweaking some levels, and as I said in a previous reply I'm not quite happy with the guitar yet. Your ideas have been noted!

Thanks for your support!

Freaking Awesome!

If you've got loyal fans voting 0 everyday, then I'll be a loyal fan and vote 5 everyday.

DavidOrr responds:

Wow, thank you!

Very nice!

I just love how the music changes the whole time
Nice build up then epic then piano...

And about the loyal zero fans
they are just jealous they arent just as talented as you are

Keep up the good work

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you!

only fenomenal

excelent job is awsome!!!

Epic as usual

what else is there to be said? lots, but if I list them all there would be too many complements so ill just stick with, its great.