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Reviews for "-Orr- Colony"

That's.... different...

And in a good way. It starts off like some holy song... But when that guitar comes in, it gets just SO much better.


It was a long time since I was speechless because of a song. Thank you so much for this epic piece of music. Every sound is so perfectly fitting, I'm listening to it again and again and again, and I'm not bored of it, and every time it's like this song is touching my soul. This is pure epicness, 5/5 11/10.

This music peirces my SOUL.

There are no words to describe the pure amazingness of this piece of music. I can say no more except great job and i hope there are more pieces like this one coming soon. I look forward to it. :)

I listened to this while eating a banana

and now whenever I eat a banana this song plays in my head.

Great song, but the beginning really turned me off, because it was jsut too serene to go with the epic sound of the rest of the song. Although, I would have pumped up the tempo by like 10 bpm, and gave the guitar more prominence, I still love this song and I think it goes great in Colony, which is a game that I love :P



Reminds me of Starcraft 2 kinda. :P