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Reviews for "StrapOnMicronomic"

Totally awesome

Every have that dream, where every thing around you is going at super fast speed and you are like going dead slow. Well I have and this flash feels the same way. Absolutly loved it.

Feels like going crazy...

Its like lying on the grounds and evrything goes wooshy.
I Know the fealing, and id like to get some of those shrooms.
The ones i take dont do anything for me. The curtains just start spazzing out and the windows shake.


My brain hurts watching that...

I think I may need a few of them shrooms before I could fully grasp what was happening XD

Sqeezy responds:



Ummm, I don't know what happened while you were making this, it definitley made me go 'huh'...so..I don't know..It was original...and it was kinda funny in the sense of randomness I guess...



Sqeezy responds:

Rude boys donĀ“t cry.

Whoa...my head.....ugh....

That was definitely...different. For some reason, the part where the world is spinning and zooming out...that's what I think people see when they die. lol idk.... I'm wierd like that. (O.o)?