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Reviews for "StrapOnMicronomic"


Fuckin Awesome!!!!! That was insane dude, I loved it.


This flash woz hillarious, well done :) And where did tht 'this is appropriate for all audiences' come frm??? lol just that some people say mild violence fro just a drop of blood xD. Good work

Now that's some piece of art

I actually like it. I think it can be interpreted in a lot of ways and I'm really wondering what you had in your mind when you created it (I'm almost sure you can't really remember yourself).
A possible interpretation might be what are the last impressions of a human that is dying...

Sqeezy responds:

Yeah but that would be too overdone.
I still remember mine, but it mainly pictures exactly how I felt. If you imagine it as feelings it´s easier to understand.

Thanks alot.


That was F-ing fantastic.

What in the world is that song?

It started bothering me after it sowed up on DA, now I'm more curious than ever to find out where that music is.

Just love the style and the image. Nothing real specific or "insightful" to say. I just like it in its entirety and will probably watch it a couple more times.


I suppose that's it. Love the movie. Want to know that song.


Because this is something I've thought about when I was on someonthing when I was like 12 lol. Then I puked and passed out. I awoke about 4 hourse later and ate a very bland cookie and went back to bead. That was.... About how this made me feel. Like I ate a bland cookie....