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Reviews for "StrapOnMicronomic"


Nice work lol!


I would say the animation style was good and the sound went along with it vary well. B-U-T you say that you are on "the drugs". The wee bitty mushrooms to be exact. Do you have a permit? The only man I know who has a permit to eat mushrooms is a one Super Mario. And, being as you are not him, I am willing to assume you do not have a permit and you are just some loser junkie. Yes, you herd me correctly, Boxdacon does not aprove of "the drugs". Perhaps the smoking of tiny weeds, but not the wee bitty mushrooms. I shed but one tear for you sir.

6 months later

I love u squeezy. i love ur style i remeber seeing ur "Hours of my life" videos and going =).
its wierd cause its not even like one of ur better things, probably cause u were alledgeldy on shrooms, and it randomly gets picked up half a year later for front page.
I think squeezy shoudl have his own section under experimental.

Sqeezy responds:

I´m actually happy this got some more attention, I know people wouldnt like it, but I always did.


haha, Thanks.


You did a good job syncing movements with the sound but.... its just kind of annoying...

i mean i guess i can see why it's an "expirimental" cartoon.
i'm not sure if i totaly dislike it because i did find the first scene with the guy and the blood pretty cool.


I liked this one.....i like how the music fits in with the animation at the start....