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Reviews for "StrapOnMicronomic"

holy c r a p

u really were on shrooms mate xD (that means keep on the good work)


I would say the animation style was good and the sound went along with it vary well. B-U-T you say that you are on "the drugs". The wee bitty mushrooms to be exact. Do you have a permit? The only man I know who has a permit to eat mushrooms is a one Super Mario. And, being as you are not him, I am willing to assume you do not have a permit and you are just some loser junkie. Yes, you herd me correctly, Boxdacon does not aprove of "the drugs". Perhaps the smoking of tiny weeds, but not the wee bitty mushrooms. I shed but one tear for you sir.

Aaaaah yes. Holland

Im from holland. so i know what you mean dude ^^

Gotta try the Rotterdam Shrooms. or just bye sum let them dry for a month. and get high.

Not my style. but i appreciate it n_n


How can you draw/program while on shrooms?

Sqeezy responds:

Do you expect to lie numb on the floor for the time you´re tripping? You just can.


I like it. When the guy melted and reformed, that was crazy good looking. I've heard stories of people on drugs who think they're melting. Was that what was happening to you at the time? The ending (as many people have said by now) is very strange. I like how the world faded out though. The thin glowing circle at the end was neat looking.
Going along with the music saying "where do you want to go?" maybe you want to leave Earth? Maybe? XD
I still don't get the name though. Oh well. Good animation. Kool stuff.