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Reviews for "StrapOnMicronomic"


The music you used is FANTASTIC!!! I shall buy it immediately! But first, I must recover from my dizzyness!

Animation work is pretty cool too. <D


I've probably watched this at least 150 times since 2007.

simple, yet ridiculously good.

Sqeezy responds:


0_o zzzz

Um hello thar.. tis a great animation but i want to know the name of music in it xD

Sqeezy responds:

Lali Puna - Micronomic


Well, let me put it this way:

This is the best thing I've ever seen on newgrounds

There is really nothing more to say

That was beautiful.

I'm dead serious. I must be on shrooms too, but, that video is drenched in meaning. Yes, you all might be calling me crazy, but I saw that movie and I said, "This guy has a point." You see, its about life, and how short life, in actuality, really is. It begins at the end of someone's life. After that, the question is posed. "Where do you want to go?" Too bad it was too late for that- the person had already died. Where do we all want to go? Where do we all want to go when we die? Some may say heaven, others are not so sure. In the end, we realize how small death really is. And how small the universe is, as well. This movie still haunts me. I even sing the stupid catchy song whenever I'm bored. Good work, sir, I salute you. Keep it up.