Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"


plz come out with the 7th one


This is a great movie, I think it is one of the best aqua life episodes although it is not an official episode. The graphics, as usual, are very good, the charecter design and the background are very well drawn. So as the objects. The style of the movie is also pretty good, the directing is fantastic, and the humorous atmosphere you built donates a lot to the humor of the movie. The sound is now a lot better, the bubbles are now a lot better. I also like the new voice that orange fish has... The kung-fu fight you put in the beginning of the movie was very good for a flash kung-fu movie, although he is a fish. As usual, the script was hell funny, too bad it was short. I like your directors commentary, it is always really funny. Anyway, it is a very good movie, well done.

El Oh El

man, I love this series so far. it's so random, so perfect, and so fucking clean.

Finally, another Episode

That was *&^%$# hilarious

Wow, I wasn't expecting that! Then again, I don't remember much about this series. It certainly looks great. I really do appreciate the animation. I imagine all that blinking takes a long time to do. I wish there were more ninjas. It just sort of abandoned that after awhile.

It was still very funny. I like how angry these fish are at you. I know how hard it can be to feed fish. You know, give them the right amount of food. That's why I went to pet cats.