Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"

Hello what.

oh yeah dont do a directors commentary when high just because. Isms huh? So its not the official episode, then why not entitle it "Aqua Life The Secret Missing Episode" Also it needed more variety of offensive words than fuck. Finally stay away from the creator talks to the characters hopefully this is the last time (because waterman made it stupid here on ng).

shampawnya responds:

Don't worry, I don't plan to have the creator talk to the characters anymore. It's also refreshing to see that at least one person would like to see a wider variety of offensive words... most people just complain there is too many. So why is it not entitled the "Secret Missing Episode"... Let's just say, as you pointed out, I did the commentary while not in the best frame of mind.... I got a TAD off-track, a good juxtaposition with the episode's plot, no?




pretty fluid graphics and the story line was still pretty funny. Little random but it was easy to follow. I am currently checking out other episodes now...way to go :O

I love canadians.

I play world of warcraft too much, half my guild is canadian i'm pickin up the "accent" if you will. anyway. I liked it, not as funny as the ones that came before it, but still great. make more, ill watch'em and i think the commentary, is hilarious. :) Later!

Meta-humour. Ah-so.

Loved the concept of the start, loved the hissy-fit, felt the hand-lotion scenes could have been shortened, loved the end and enjoyed the commentary.

If Doug's voice was faggy, what about Steve? Eh? Eh? I'm surprised Doug didn't point that out, even if only to piss Steve off.

Anyways, awesome stuff. I'm looking forward to #7 now.

I'm guessing you really make these up as you go along, eh? There's not exactly much continuity in the main episodes anyway.

Well, hope everything goes well with the family and stay funky.