Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"

That was well good!

It had good graphics
It had good style
It had good sound
It was Funny

What more can you ask of a flash movie?

Another Great Aqua Life...

This was another great installment to the Aqua Life Series. It is funny how they complained with the producer about their contracts and stuff like that. I also loved the violent Ninja Sea Monkey scene. The ones before didn't have that much violence in them. Overall this was a really great Flash!!!!! A+++++++!!!!

Very nice!

good animation, good story, humorous, But I think you need to adjust two things: You can be funny without using the word "fuck" every other sentence (and most successful humour series have come to realize this) and you might want to go easy on the homosexual jokes - they're not exactly timeless humour. Aparat from that, good work! Keep it up! And try not to fall into the deadly trap of being constantly self-referential (not that you have yet)!

shampawnya responds:

Just so you know... I'm not TRYING to put in the word Fuck into every other sentence... that is HOW I TALK. I appologize if that word offends anyone, but when I'm voicing the episode I tend to go off on a rant... and myself being a fan of improv, will not cut out the swearing just because it detracts from the humor. Also the homosexual jokes have mostly come to an end with this episode, and I appologize for those as well... but I would like to point out that one can be "Faggy" and NOT be a homosexual... In my opinion it is a reference to the attitude not the sexual preference. Thank you for your review!

that was sweet

nuf said


funny as hell..keep it up..

when you puase the music keeps playing.