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Reviews for "Attack of the Sprouts"

You're straight into my favourites too!

This is great for a first game! I also liked Make Your Own Bush Speech! You've gone 2nd in my faves!

The graphics were excellent. 334KB? That's IT?!? God.


Great. 2 Blue entries on the first try. Good Job.

I think this game is just perfect the way it is.

You go to my favourites.



that was great but i started paying too much atention to his crown bouncing aroun. add much?

Nice Game

I'd have to agree with the guy before me....my only problem was no music during the game itself. Maybe have the song thats playing before you hit start, loop through the game. (Who is that anyway?) It looked fantastic, the gameplay was simplistic and enjoyable, and all the little nuansces, such as the falling ducks, the facial expressions or the paper crown, all just added more life to this piece. This is definetly one of the more original games on Newgrounds. Great Job!

Do I smell frontpage? YES!

So interesting, but I will get to that later, now some smart ass comments from yours truly: SO AMAZINGLY GREAT!!!!!!/End of useless blabber, Start of review:

Graphics: That style is very original, everything looked really nice,original and interesting, but not only that, the arms animated very graciously, and all the facial expressions look awesome. Graphicwise I couldn´t find any flaw.
Sound: the worst(but being good) aspect of the game. The game lacks musik, that´s a real downer(Still one can play his fave tracks, but then again that wont allow you to hear the sounds the proper way). Speaking of sounds, all the sounds sounded great, I loved the SPLATS, and the sound of the decoratios when they fell. I think perhaps you should add a little loop, or relaxing tone to the game. Oh, and the musik at the start is quite "cool".
Gameplay: Really simple, which is why I think this is more of a stress reliever than anything. The game, as I said before, is really simple, but gets harder as it goes, I love that when you reach 1000 points(Take or give) the Sprouts come really fast, soooo fun:D.
Overall, a nice little game, Deserves Frontpage, and im 5ening it right now :D(And adding it to my faves).
Thanks for making the portal a better place.