Reviews for "The GWB song"

Awesome!!! Nice parody

Okay considering the previous review seemed to be done by some dyslexic resident of Arkansas, I'll give a properly formed review in an actual language found here on earth.

You did an awesome job of parodying the jcb song, didn't really like the original though! you replicated the video rather nicely, and your song wasn't too bad either

Good job!!!

tht shit is banas, b-a-n-a-n-a-d

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PapaQ responds:

You are obviously a highly intelligent individual...

Funny as hell

Hey the Graphixs was good. the Annimation was good. the loading screan was fun keept me busys. but i loved the song.. it's soo true. good job man.


Graphics- Really well drawn!

Style- The graph paper effect works really well.

Sound- You made a crap song awesome

Violence- Bush getting blown up with the nuke was awesome

Interactivity- Not much you could press the "Play" button and the detonator

Humor- Made me laugh pretty damn hard!

Overall- Really well done and all those Bush supporters can fuck off! It's only a bit of fun!! Get a sence of humor for God's sake.

Great parody!

This bad boy needs to go on the front page THIS instant!

Great work and well thought out piece. Love the original and this goes along with it!