Reviews for "The GWB song"

Bush is a good president..

The only other person that has defended bush thus far was a complete and total idiot. Bush Can't just make the desision to go to war, a ton of other people have to approve it. And your blaming global warming on him? ...Are you a moron?

It was literally a waste of time, For me and you.

PapaQ responds:

Yes I am a moron. You, by your superior penmanship and grasp on reality have proved that beyond reason. How could I have been so mislead? Thank you for clarifying how good your president actually is...

Pure genius..

That is the best Bush impersonation I have ever seen. U my friend are a comic god or somethin. wll yea great job, Sayonara!1

hhaha, i liked the preloader

this was cool, as much as i hate the government, i liked this, but it seems to portray bush as a little kid being bossed around.



Great work, I loved the JCB song myself and this was incredibly well done. The animation was a bit samey buti t was still good and the artwork was brilliant...I wished this getss frontpage. I think you shouldve continued the song into the chorus or whoever made it as thats my fave bit in the song and best animated bit in the video. Overall well done.

Best Regards Tomamo5.

P.S. If theres any chance of me getting this song, send it by email (profile) to me.

I like song parodys :P...and funny songs ^^

i hate bush as well....but

The one thing that i really comend yu on is writing your own song and anamating it, most other GWB parodies are anamated songs that were not original. Good job on that front. On the other hand, this flash was only okay, and not that funny. the 'sadman' jokes were funny, but protraying GW as a kid and having him confuse words i do not think was the best way to excecutte a parody of him. The song made him seem innocent, made u feel sorta sorry for him...... idk. Also the ending was out of taste. I vote democrat and i do not like GWB, but this was not a good parody of him. it was a good flash but not that great of a parody, and not very crisp humor. Okay flash. 3/5.

PapaQ responds:

I don't hate Bush, nor do I support either side of America's political penny. I'm an Irishman who sees him lead America down a dark path, with his eyes shut. I just believe he's incapable of being the frontman to represent the most powerful nation in the world?