Reviews for "The GWB song"

a good parody.

it was well done, put to a fitting tune, and it was a good, clean, accurate parody. which is something i don't see too often anymore.

wow the song is the best part....

i love the expressive and child like face of GWB.... makes me kinda chuckle but then I realize oh yeah this song is alil to true....

Nice animation and nice point....the song flowed nicely!

PapaQ responds:

Cheers, I'm glad you got it as I intended. Thanks for your review.


i love u......platonicly but still great flash man :) did u come up with the song 2?

PapaQ responds:

Yeah Metaxis man, I came up with the words too. And I'm a fellow Irishman, as your good self. ;)


I'm not sure what the JCB song was, but I still liked this parody. The prez was drawn a clueless little kid and had the right word choice. I'm generally a moderate (liberal on social issues, conserative on economic issues).

Oh, and KkazakK, no one said GWB causes global warming, global warming wasn't even mentioned in the song. All the song wait was GWB does actively try to stop pollution.

PapaQ responds:

A good wise review and thanks for the great score. I'm a moderate Irish guy myself and love America. I spent a few months travelling around that amazing country and it pity's me to think that man is the president of such a unique land.


Not only did it mimic the JCB song to the letter, it also was that rare thing, a genuinely witty parody. It poked fun at GWB, it had smooth animation, good lyrics and poked fun at the imbecile that is president.
Yes, KkazakK, he has wasted lives of thousands, got to the top with the help of the brothers, Mr Fraud and Mr Bribery. Yes, I'm being slightly patronising, and I do feel I have every write to be. But to the author, a fantastic flash.

PapaQ responds:

Cheers to you, kind Lord. Unfortunately it is people such as KkazakK who make it possible for the Bush's of society to lead them? As the evil Hitler once said, "How lucky for those in power that people don't think."