Reviews for "The GWB song"

This is quality!!!

This is the best thing I've seen on the site in quite a while.

I loved it! It's just so very simple and so very right.

Its nice to see such a light hearted poke at bush, that somehow pokes deeper than it seems at first.

I read some of your reviews and discovered there are a few more idiots in the world than I first thought.
This is great, despite what the fruitloops may say.
The scary thing is -- most of it's a little to true for comfort.

Great message and very well conveyed.

Awesome job!

Two thumbs WAAAAAY up!

depressing, and funny at the same time!

really good. It's unbelievable! Seriously, I feel gorry for GWB now that you made this song (or someone else). The sound,the sound is a good one. The graphics are really good for no paticular reason. And It had some nice humor. I loved it!

PapaQ responds:

Thanks man. Some took it a little too seriously, but it's good to see that wise eyes are observing also. I wrote, sung and animated the lot. Thanks again. Q

Funny song man.

It was pretty good. Watching the little Bush feel sad almost made me feel sad for him... almost. I gave you an eight because while the graphics were not the greatest (better than what I could do though) the humor of it brought up the score. Also in an earlier review someone mentioned something about the fact that the war in Iraq isn't Bush's fault because he does not have the power to declair war. While that is true, he did have his cabinet members try to sell the war to congress on false information and if he didn't do that chances are that we wouldn't be in Iraq right now.


to the last review, if your beliefs are bush, well i feel rather sorry for you and your pathetic life ^.^ if it wasnt for "your beliefs" maybe your mommy could have had an abortion and youd never been born :/ and if you like bush so much, why even look at this? hmmm? get a life you broken down old queen, a 10 to the bush song ^.^ poooooor lil bush :/ atleast he'll always have his daddy....


I love the kindergarten style, so fitting; great choice and the song is wonderful. Great work!

PapaQ responds:

To be reviewed by a lady of your calibre in a pleasure in it's own. Continue with your great work..Your animations are top notch!