Reviews for "The GWB song"


Just watched Fahrenheit 9/11. Good timing I should say. Awesome work and great song too.

PapaQ responds:

Good timing indeed. Thanks for the wise words.

Loved the original song...

And I love this version too. Very clever... and adorable. He looks so sweet and harmless here. :P


Here's wishing you a good score. :)

PapaQ responds:

Cheers. I loved the original myself.
Thanks for the good wishes.

A truely moving father and son golf trip

Fantastic! The bar was set high because it was a political movie but, man! you pulled it off! This stuff usually makes me depressed and angry, but you magically made the mood happy and heart warming. But at the end my little bubble of happiness was burst by that missle. So I had to play it again.

Truely inspiring. I will recommend your movie to Marc Maron at Air America Radio. I'm sure he will love it too.


PapaQ responds:

Thanks for your points and great review.

Pretty funny

This was pretty hilarious, and the drawings did look a lot like the Bushs. You should have made them move around more, though. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my patriotism and dislike for liberal propaganda forced me to blam. Better luck next time.

PapaQ responds:

Blamming this is not patriotism. That's political gagging! Open your mind to the concept of free speech?

Not bad

Like the song. Fun premise. Cool animation. My big complaint is that you keep every thing in a wide shot. Mix it up a bit. Cut closer, show a little farther away, show a close-up of the plastic soldiers hitting the ground.

Overall, though, very solid piece. I look forward to seeing what you do next.