Reviews for "The GWB song"

Subtle critism

Though I felt a tinge of anger whenever I hear the "tired of playing soldier" line. Not American nor do I like America, but leaders sending sons, brothers, fathers etc to die just wells up the fury..


i think the most important line in this song is "god bless you all" it shows even though we make fun of him about his ears or something he still likes every single one of americans.anyway this song had my crying coz its so sad!


I loved it.
It was clever and genuinely funny.
I actually started to pity him BECAUSE of this song, and then you had him launch like 10 consecutive missiles and play mini-golf.


nice song

it was really original ^^

I liked it.

i loved the animation and the calm style of this song, and even if it was a satire, i still enjoyed it. I like george, and i agree with his policies, but i can have a sense of humor, and this stated them in a calm, clever, and well...intelligent way. thanks for posting.