Reviews for "Sonic The Hedgehog"

Cool pic

thats a really kool pic keep it up. i love ur artwork!!!


i like how you didnt make it look like his shoes are bigger than his head. most of the sonic pics i have seen make it look like his shoes are the second largest thing in the planet, and his sockes are third. im glad that you put more brain power into your work. btw, maybe you should have put a cliff or two in there. but still 5/5 10/10.
(cuz you didnt fill my screen with his shoes)

one more

Another great picture by the wax. although im kinda goin with the person before me, its still great.


When I look at this art, I get the impression the artist wants me to look at the background more than the character. It was well done but there isn't really much to look at. I like your perspective here but, to tell you honestly, I would prefer looking at Sonic then some plain old grass fields. I still think you did a nice job though.


but you should have tried putting a sun somewhere.