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Reviews for "Chapter 2: Desolated Village"

I'm really admiring the different landscapes and colours here. It's a great work of art!

as good as the first one ;3

SkyrisDesign responds:

Thanks :D

Have you ever thought about writing a small story relating to this? Or maybe suggesting to someone with experience writing of working a story around the pictures? I enjoy this series of pictures you are doing. They're great!

SkyrisDesign responds:

Yea I wanted to tell a small story using only illustrations. But I am not a very good writer and so bare with me. <3

"Hope it came out okay".
=> Pfft, no it didn't.

It came out great ;)

SkyrisDesign responds:

LOL I honestly am not very happy with it T.T But I'm glad you kind of did.

awesome :D really amazing
im curious, was it just the brush type that gave the image of a tree + the letters HD in the left hand tent? or is it just coincidental/im possibly going insane and seeing things? :P

otherwise i have nothing to fault you on, you have done an amazing job at drawing the eye towards the guy sitting there, and you have given a perfect ammount of detail to everything you needed too, your lighting and shadows are consistant
but yea the only thing that bothers me is the tree in the tent on the left :P and the HD

SkyrisDesign responds:

Omg.. you got an amazing eye xD