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Reviews for "all your base uncut 2"

As tasty as the main turkey!

This were give me laughs very bigly much. Funny this was appear to be. Me thought were awesome in totally. Ha Ha Ha Ha....

Me like. Me not can't wait for three part of series.

PARENTHESES OPEN: Sorry for talking like that. :PARENTHESES CLOSE

interesting. i saw the third one first

i see in the second one the direction you got for the best one, the third one. the pineapple was a strange one to me. why not some big laser blast or an asteroid. or a bomb. hell slipping on a "space" banana would be funnier.

its pretty good. im thinking of rewatching this uncut, defenately rewatching the third uncut. the first one was wayy too short, especially on plot. you mentioned a circus, but it was meaningless. unless I'm going to see a bunch of gay clowns panicking in a Mayday situation, it would be better to leave that out.

in the richard simmons fight the graphics of bill clinton were confusing he looked like jimmy carter! funny intros by carl of ATHF and michael jackson!!!

overall it was good but the ending was atrocious with the flashback and what happened to Cat in the discobar!!!! it highly skews the hero/villain schemata and I didn't like that. NO MORE OF THAT!!! heroes are heroes and villains are villains. if you want to throw in twists, go ahead but make them good ones not lame ones. The flirting with the ugly girl at the onboard starbucks was a good one. although i hate starbucks IRL that is evil IMO. but it was a parody and i laughed all the same.

this is a really good series i hope to see more! they're all in my favorites

The ending sucked

It was great up until that disco bit, the cats injury was.... well kind of a let down. Was the cave music from Altered beast? (origonal not remake)

shfonny responds:

the cave music is the same music that plays when mario fights bowser in n64

Im an ass ventriloquist OMG rotflmfao

dude u need 2 make that third i cant wait 2 see the next 1 in other words U FREAKIN ROCK!

OMG hahaha

wow props to you...
its been a while since ive actually laughed that hard
to anything on newgrounds lol

Graphics- 10 Cuz Ayb Ownz
Style- 10 Pffft cant get much better then this :P
Sound- 10 Dude if i could give higher u know i would :P
Violence- 10 Nothing is more violent Then A Pineapple
Interactivity- 10 Cuz i could keep going back to teh pinapple :D
Humour- 10 id say it deserves a 20
Overall- 10 Nuff Said? Lmao
Cant wait for number 3