Reviews for "Rock Grid Rumble"

good idea

but the enemy was a complete and utter buffoon, and there were the different types of tiles and stuff but a few more would be nice, this seems like a fresh and new idea though.


This is a pretty cool game, bump the AI difficulty up a bit and perhaps add a few new tiles [tiles that turn your rock to the opponents colour perhaps] and you'll have something excellent on your hands.

Very fun game!

The game is very fun, reminds me of Bubble Trouble I used to play as a kid. I only wish there were more difficulty options as I manage to win too easily.


Why does my opponent win in a tie?

Very nice!

A nice combination of puzzle and strategy. Graphics are great, gameplay's solid. Granted, replay value on a game like this isn't going to be phenomenal, but still, all in all, a very solid game.