Reviews for "Rock Grid Rumble"


its ok........ kinda wierd but a little easy

kinda easy

I even tried to lose and i still won. Yet how the game is expressed is what makes it different than others of its kind.

And to Bezman, thats what sequels are made for.

pretty good

It took me a little while to understand what it was I was supposed to do, but it's pretty addictive once you figure it out.

not bad at all

if it had a little more time at work it would be a 10. u did ok.

now if the computer didnt suck i would have at least lost more than 1.

other than that well u know i said before its good


how I played this

Read instruction, played a game, was winning so tried to learn how different angles behave (trying to arc everything in), played a 2nd time, got a bit bored, restarted again to see if map would change again, played a little of that then quit.

When writing the review, I felt I hadn't given it enough of a chance, so I played 2 games. lost 1st and beat 2nd, now familiar with angles to use to get things in slots near end.

I make no attempt to review the 2p game.

selected aspects (rated from ----- to +++++)
(note: I'm not rating everything or trying to break the flash up into constituent parts. Just giving you an idea of how good/bad I consider the points I mention.)

+++: the special blocks add some strategy to the game - don't let your opponent get special blocks, get them yourself...

-: the emphasis seemed to be firmly on the shooting and getting the correct angles. A matter of choice perhaps, but I was hoping for more strategy and more of a puzzle-based game.

---: after winning in the 1p game, you just repeat the same thing. There's no sense of progression. No advancement.

-: not even a token win/lost counter.

++: graphics are nice

--: The game seems a bit slow.

-: I encountered a bug - in one instance, my rock settled on a '!'. Presumable because the * below it+to right was vacant, it jumped over there. But it didn't turn the one adjacent pink to yellow.

-: text for * should read 'turns adjacent ENEMY blocks your colour'.

-: I felt I should be able to alter power, the way the game currently is.


It's an interesting idea and the physics seem somewhat impressive.

However, the game was just dull to play - the tactics were too basic and it simply rested upon learning what angles to use - a tiresome task.

Personally, I'd have enjoyed it far more had you simplified the whole aiming thing (maybe made it kinda like bust-a-move - fires in straight lines, attaches to first touched), improved the ai and put the focus on the strategy of where to fire rather than learning to be able to fire where you want.

If you then had different enemies and pre-set level layouts, I think I'd enjoy that.