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Reviews for "Gravity draw"

It's good.

As good or better as any of the other sandbox/experiment games.
Nice work.


completely different great idea, loved it

This is good!

Really good stuff,
but most people will vote low on this because it's just a little gizmo, and doesn't really have a goal.
I however voted 5 because I personally love this kind of stuff ;)
Anyhow, I really suggest you make a game out of this,
it could be pretty sweet.
Like say, you have to circle around an object to trap it inside the lines, or something like that.
I'm sure you can come up with something like that, and people would certainly vote high.

Great job, sir !

Some glitches but okay

It draws okay but whenever I want to reach for the reset button and I want the ball to be in the center it goes WOOSH!!!!!

psychodad responds:

there's key shortcuts...

interesting gadget

in fact... i like it... i dont know why, but its an interesting experiment...

the submit option got an extra score