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Reviews for "Gravity draw"


thats fun and entertaining. out friction as high and graV. low as possible and set to repel. put cursor in middle of the drawing feild and watch it speed up......eventually it will be going AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

drawing, the hard way

I didn't really enjoy it, but I appreciated the game because it's a very good flash. Hey, look, a physics game, but with no point to it! needless to say I was attracted :). well coded, nice colors, smooth physics. it sometimes got bogged down and lost FPS, but I didn't really care. and why does your art slowly dissapear? If I drew it I probably wanted it to stay there...

It's good.

As good or better as any of the other sandbox/experiment games.
Nice work.

interesting gadget

in fact... i like it... i dont know why, but its an interesting experiment...

the submit option got an extra score


Ok that was kool
good sound graphics
keep the good work up