Reviews for "The 5 Shades Of Purple"

holy shittt

This is a freaking masterpiece. I love it. The music=Great, graphics=great. This was the shitttttttttttttt.

Very Nice!!! Bravo

Love the humur of the flower scene, perfect ending. Great music and sound FX. Great Flash Cartoon!!!

thanks for using my song Greedom!

this was some pretty kool shit

Title Here


orb responds:

get in line :P

Very nice

They were all really cool, only things wrong are:
1.)The sheep race... it went on forever, if it was meant to be a joke, it's not funny, lol.
2.)The menu, on the last three, they also said Greedom above them, lol
Oh, ad for those of you who got peeved with the menu, move your mouse to the left when it comes up, lol

Overall, good job, keep it up, and -orb-, Great Job!!!