Reviews for "The 5 Shades Of Purple"


"Heh, I guess I really dropped the ball on this one"
Oh man, that was hilarious! 5/5! Keep up the great work!

holy shittt

This is a freaking masterpiece. I love it. The music=Great, graphics=great. This was the shitttttttttttttt.


Though i am wishing i had done a part now...but the people who did make parts for it were great a truely great collab and style and graphics fitted together nicely.I hope to see another 5 shades of ... soon and maybe paticipate in one ^^ though i think i saw that this might be the last one is id really be annoyed if i didnt do a part if it was but anyways great work all of you and i wish the best!


keep it on!

iight that is pretty famn cool its amazing in fact your graphics no lie are THE best ever na mean...but other than that its amazing!

Another Great 5 Shades Colab

Very good job. There are some things that need some work, like the sheep race and the menu (mostly because it was hard to click on the one u wanted), but other than that it was great. I was a little dissapointed about not having a zeekyspacelizard entry.