Reviews for "The 5 Shades Of Purple"


only space_chicken's and -orb-'s parts were any good. all the others brought it down. there were numerous bugs in here, like the names not matching up in the side menu, and that sheep racing one. it just looped over, and over, and over.

space_chicken, like -orb-, should have submitted his part seperately. it would have gotten a better score without this other crap bringing it down.

keep it on!

iight that is pretty famn cool its amazing in fact your graphics no lie are THE best ever na mean...but other than that its amazing!


Though i am wishing i had done a part now...but the people who did make parts for it were great a truely great collab and style and graphics fitted together nicely.I hope to see another 5 shades of ... soon and maybe paticipate in one ^^ though i think i saw that this might be the last one is id really be annoyed if i didnt do a part if it was but anyways great work all of you and i wish the best!


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whoa guys, i liked it very much. The theme fitted it very well with the colors, purple is kinda for creepyness, mysteriousness and robot(ness :P). I liked all those movies really much..i haven't seen much "5 Shades of..." series, only brown i think...but this is one of the best, especcialy because of the 3-D movies. I only think you guys should stick to flash, not any 3-D programs.

I loved it; what's next, the shades of purple-pink with a gold border? XD

Keep 'em comin'!!

Great originality

Kool man..Keep em coming,