Reviews for "The 5 Shades Of Purple"

These were pretty fokkin kewl.

I liked all the little stories, altho one or two weren't as good as the others. And purple is my favourite colour xD.
I hope to see stuff like this in the future.

Not as good as I thought it would be.

When I saw that a 5-Shades collaboration would be done on my favourite colour, purple, I got excited.
Unfortunately, I got excited for nothing.
Most of the videos were like a long-winded story with no punchline.

I have a dream...

That one day all useless people are dead, so no more stupid submissions enter the internet. Oh wait, you're all useless people here on Newgrounds ... i forgot, sorry

Good collab, not certainly not the best.

Great job to everyone who participated in this collab. I have really liked this 5 Shades series since the very first one. They havent so much improved from the beginning, but there have been i think 2 really good ones inbetween. My favourite so far was certainly the 5 Shades of Brown, it was just extremely impressive especially with its visuals and the theme. Sadly for this one i didnt quite feel the same way throughout the whole thing. Some clips seemed to be lacking a little effort, im thinking this because of the short length of some of them. Anyways here is my review.

The graphics were great overall, obviously some clips had noticably better visuals than others. In general the drawings were well done, pretty well detailed and some of them looked quite interesting. The character design was often fairly intruging as well, some characters such as in mynamewontfitin's clip made me think. The animation was smooth throughout, i cant really complain about anything here. I rather like the selection for colour here, and each shade of colour was used pretty well, especially in the main menu. The best and worst clips for visuals in this collaboration were -orb- and Jarvid respectively. The style is usually the strongest aspect of each collab in this series and in this case there arent any exceptions. I just enjoyed the colour selection, but the theme that went along with it would not have been my first choice. Purple usually means mystery or crime to me and that would have just been a cool theme, even though future was still a solid choice. The effort in this collab didnt seem quite as strong or noticable as in the other ones, i dont know if there actually was less effort here but thats what the final product made me think. One thing done extremely well in this collab is the fact that you guys all followed the theme just about perfectly, some we more direct in the way they showed it while others had a bit of a message to them. The best clip for style was MephistonX's while the worst in my opinion was Greedom's for lack of length and general idea. Another little thing, the end of Jarvid's clip played over and over. The sound was great throughout too, nothing really amazed me all that much. But the host of sound effects and music came out pretty well. And the voice acting was good, i dont have any complaints here really. The best clip for this aspect was DNR and the worst would probably have to be Jarvid's.

Overall this was a great collaboration, and a great continuation of this 5 Shades series. Although this wasnt necessarily the best one to date it was still definitely in the top half of collabs on the site. Everyone did their job nicely and everyone should be satisfied with their work overall. Way to go guys, cant wait for the next one!
-Two Thumbs up! 4/5

orb responds:

I commend you for the most amazing review I have ever seen.


The orb is amazing and would stand as a sepperate entry (As it has an entry of its own, I reviewed it there as well. Awesome it is too.). The chicken thing was good as well, but the rest came across as a poorly constructed political message about the future. And the bug in the sheep race was annoying as well. You can see, that with a bit more work, this could have been excellent.