Reviews for "The 5 Shades Of Purple"


Not good, just a load of random pictures that rn't all that good anyway. Nothing reaally good to say about it, exept, think before u make!

orb responds:

Do you have flash 8 installed? Make sure you have flash player 8 installed. Don't forget to wait for it to load either!


honsetly i would like to know.....wtf was that?


You all did great jobs especially orb. But the last three artists were a bit disapointing and one was in a never ending loop and the last 3 were all very short. But overall it was great!

It probably could use some explosions

but besides that it could've had more of a story

Purple is my favourite colour

The only beef I have with the flash is that you said its was 5 shades of purple even though their was violet, colbalt , fuchsia, orchid, darkorchid and violet red.

Hell in this flash you forgot to mention to us their was going to be black and white in the flash so please in the future title the colab as such

many shades of purple, violet, cobalt, fuchsia, orchid, darkorchid and violet red with the guess appearance by black and white.

LOL just fucking with ya, great colab guys keep them comming