Reviews for "The 5 Shades Of Purple"


Go, tht was surreal as hell, what drugs u been on...still liked it though.

love this series

a very great collab. I love the style of having 5 specific shades of a certain color. anyway, keep up the good work you guys! I hope you don't run out of colors.

Another Great 5 Shades Colab

Very good job. There are some things that need some work, like the sheep race and the menu (mostly because it was hard to click on the one u wanted), but other than that it was great. I was a little dissapointed about not having a zeekyspacelizard entry.

Good Work.

Let's party!
I never saw that much purple..(WOW!)
You guys are really good artists (I wish I'd be as good as you...)
Some "chapters" were funnier than others but it's ok.
I liked the sheep race. :)

Enjoyed it.

thanks for using my song Greedom!

this was some pretty kool shit