Reviews for "Yes! It Doesn't!"


Rock on Julius!

Good shit, fucking hilarious.

von-Brunk responds:

You are my buddy to the max! You are the best man I ever liked!


I love stuff like this! You did a great job. Hope to see more stuff like this.

loved it!

I loved this so much! It was so random and abstract, but fantastic. It reminds me of that old, i believe warner brothers, cartoon with the old man and the hearing horn, who gets the devil's horn by mistake and hears all kinds of odd things. This cartoon seems very based on sight and sound. i would love to see more stuff like this!!

von-Brunk responds:

Thank you!

I like you. I really do like you. Why? I can't believe someone actually noticed resemblance to the old horn cartoon! That's actually the cartoon I based this off. I was surprised to see someone else caught on!


This was so weird it could've been made by some of my friends. Originality is a definite + in the world of millions of similar flashes.


if that flash would've ran two seconds longer my skull may have imploded.