Reviews for "Yes! It Doesn't!"

Crunk Von Brunk

I am loving the surrealism. Very good, Big Julius of the Crueliest!
I think I met Arthur at the Secretary of State recently.... I got shot in the ass with gumballs(luckily not cumballs) by that lil fucker!! Have you heard from Matt yet? He let me know that he got your resume! Thnx baby! I gave you 5 BTW!!

von-Brunk responds:

You are my sweet honey baby to the max! I like you like Cool Whip!


I love stuff like this! You did a great job. Hope to see more stuff like this.


Rock on Julius!

Good shit, fucking hilarious.

von-Brunk responds:

You are my buddy to the max! You are the best man I ever liked!


Uhh...I have absolutely no idea what I was just watching! :P

However, it's the best "strange" Flash that I've seen on the Portal in a while. Everything is smooth, the sound matches up, and it ticks along with a weirdness that must be its "Style"...if you could call it that.

Great job. :)

von-Brunk responds:

Thanks! I wanted it to be random, but not pointless Adult Swim-style random.


Well, im not sure if this will happen to other people, but i clicked on it It just came up to a black screen where i could here music but culdnt see anything, so i guess im going to give it a 0 out of 5, sorry man.