Reviews for "Yes! It Doesn't!"

Highly unusual! Was that supposed to be funny?

The graphics and sound are great, however the concept is quite odd. A running gumball machine? Dude, that was one of the strangest flashes I've seen! If you tried to make it funny, then I don't get it. Next time, try picking a more practical subject. Keep up the good work!

Its another math movie isnt it?

Its another one of those movies about complex math or sciece or possibly politics isnt it? Im saying that with out looking at the explanation.

The huge problem I have is someone with no knowledge of the subject matter cant get anything from it other than a random toon. Which some of them like.

But alas I expect more. Ye need to explain it better so people know what your talking about.

Sorry middle of the road for this one.

There was a pretty good one about atomic clocks. It wasnt boring but it was informative.

von-Brunk responds:

To be honest, there's absolutely NO hidden meanings in this. This is actually a protest against esoteric art which has some kind of political agenda mixed with it. What you see is what you see; There's no background gags or satires. It's literally a British gumball machine chasing Teddy Roosevelt's bust.

loved it!

I loved this so much! It was so random and abstract, but fantastic. It reminds me of that old, i believe warner brothers, cartoon with the old man and the hearing horn, who gets the devil's horn by mistake and hears all kinds of odd things. This cartoon seems very based on sight and sound. i would love to see more stuff like this!!

von-Brunk responds:

Thank you!

I like you. I really do like you. Why? I can't believe someone actually noticed resemblance to the old horn cartoon! That's actually the cartoon I based this off. I was surprised to see someone else caught on!

acid anyone?

how long has it been since you took it?

a week or two?

that was like being on drugs... just didnt make sense...

but i liked it a lot... thats why i gave it a 5...

i cant really offer advice cause i dont know what just happened.

i cant really offer critisism cause how can there be something wrong with something so wrong? :D

nice one


It was like blending Monty Python and Benny Hill into a Salvador Dhali painting. Messed up yet quite enjoyable. I honestly don't care that it made no sense and had no purpose. Sometimes we all need more of it.