Reviews for "Yes! It Doesn't!"

Strangely enough, I like it

A lot of entries on this site are really strange and seem like they are just stoned when they are made, but this seems oddly thought out in a M.C. Escher like way. Weird, but contemplative and somewhat humorous.

What's different about this piece is that it may be strange and incomprehensible, but I actually followed through until the end, interested in it's randomness instead of closing the box out of boredom and confusion. Choice of music and colors were great.

Good job! Hard to pull off something that's so strange and keep it well done. Almost reminds me of Monty Python.

Dont watch it if there's toys in your attic.

This flash is weird, but coherently weird and rather interesting to watch. Music was used really well, and the fast pace kept the absudity from getting boring. The biggest room for improvement is probably in the quality of drawing, which looks pretty average.


This was fucking hilarious... I totally dig that shit! It's a little like the acid scenes in "Fear and loathing in las vegas". Cool man! Keep it up!


Do not watch this if you happen to be sloshed or high, as it may cause you epileptic fits of wonder. Obviously, this wasn't meant to have some sort of higher meaning, some deep symbolism to better mankind. Nah, this was just like watching Looney Tunes on crack with some British stuff mixed in. I liked it, sort of. Animation was decent, and the music reminds me to watch cartoons. Pretty dang good. I salute you, Baron.


Umm since you said there is no hidden meaning to this I dont really see a point to this...it's a british gumball machine chasing a statue...and some ants in there somewhere. The art was good but the subject matter bored me. It doesnt take much to entertain me and yoiu didnt...sorry...

von-Brunk responds:

Here's the interesting thing about this cartoon: It had a coherent plot, it had characters, and it had a point. The only thing different about it was that it's in another world where the sky frequently changes colors and security guards have stop signs for heads. It wasn't silly and pointless. The gumball machine chasing the statue makes just as much sense as a police man chasing a perp. You're just not seeing things from my point of view.