Reviews for "Yes! It Doesn't!"

i'm sry man

not tryin to b mean and cuz i don't even kno how 2 make a flash so i reall shouldn't say nething but i've watched a few of ur flash and so far they make no sense there not even funny they really suck now i haven't watched them all but bcuz of the 3 i have i don't plan 2 watch ne of the others. hope u get better at makin flashes


if that flash would've ran two seconds longer my skull may have imploded.


lol, this is the kinda of stuff you smoke shrooms to....good times..good times..


This flash is just random enough to be slitely funny.Graphics in this movie are very lacking and the sound Quality is skrewy.but mayby i missed the main joke but definattly not worth my time


This was so weird it could've been made by some of my friends. Originality is a definite + in the world of millions of similar flashes.