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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"

Lovely Orchastra of you.

Nothing more but epicness, This is totally leet and professionally made!
I love these kind of things, and it gave me a slight 'Beethoven' feeling to it...
(Which would be meant in a Very, very, VERY positive manner of speaking)
Respect, Andy J.

Reminds me of Arcanum.

A 10 for bringing back memories. Incredibly solid orchestration.

Done with the heart

This piece is really, really good.

This is exactly the kind of music I miss on Newgrounds! Keep it up!


Absolutely Wonderful

I really love your blending and your sense of continuity,You sir are awesome!


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to say the least!!!

To have a symphony at your desposal, to have written scores of this magnitude by your age yes sir this defines you, keep it up, it is very admirable, and please submit more masterpieces. I expect a life time of great music from you as well. So please keep it up. I am a huge fan