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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"

Good but not great, not yet

its good but there are some parts where i think the song is just about to get good but then it just dissapoints. like around 2:12, the song was climaxing basically.....heh heh climaxing....but anyway, i thought it was going to get intense but it just stood the course it was going before. it was missing something. i don't know what but just something.

nevertheless, it was an awesome song

Dynamics and tempo

The beginning of the piece was much too loud in my opinion, forcing the swell at :19 to be a bit underwhelming.

A slight ritardando at :38 would have been greeeeat.

I would exaggerate the swell at :59 and drop to maybe a pianissimo at 1:01, exaggerate swell at 1:13, and build up to 1:28 fortissimo. Dunno what was written in the score, but bringing the lows very low will make the highs sound even higher, from what I understand.

Maybe it was the recording quality, but the entire song sounded rather tepid. The entire dynamic range seemed rather limited, but harmonically the piece sounded good, albeit a bit cheesy at times (Not because you did anything wrong, but because there are tons of pieces like this one already). Still, I managed to find the piece pretty melodically varied on the whole, if not melodically original.

Anyway, as good as this piece is, more liberties with dynamics and tempo and this piece will be phenomenally more awesome sounding.

very beuatiful

sounds like it would be grate for an advertisement or an educational cartoon.

Good Job!

Overall, a great performance! I love the effort and the enthusiasm that the whole orchestra brings out in this piece. Although...

The violins at 0:18 was a bit rough with the high notes, but got it the second time around 0:22. Also, the harmony was out of tune at 0:20 which made me cringe a little. Also a rough patch was the section of the transition at 0:57. It started out ok but by 0:59 - 1:00 one of the french horns was a hair sharp.

Everything up to 2:12 was fairly smooth and passionate, I liked it! at 2:12 again, violins again where not in tune with each other. Finally, the last problem was at 2:51, violins came in a tad earlier than the rest of the melody, so it gave an awkward pause. A must for this orchestra is that for the last big push before the end (in this case 2:49 - end) must be as perfect as you can get it because it will leave a mark on the judges, similar to savoring the last bite of a meal.

Again, very well executed!

P.S. I'm sorry if I pick on the violins a lot, I played the violin for 9 years and I have a knack for catching things :P

Pretty good

Pretty good but some of the instruments were a bit off tune.