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Reviews for "Justice Day: Recording"


this is an absolutely beautiful song u have here. i dont usually listen to any classical music but id definitely say uve truly created a masterpiece here.

robomanus responds:

Thank you very much for your comment :D


Great composition!
I think there were some parts slightly out of tune and rythme, but may be the recording of course.
As a musician raised in a family of musicians, I say best thing I've ever listened to on NG.


sounds really good.
i felt like ive heard it before tho. (some parts of it)


heu i dont know how to say this its the first time i do...but it is okay if i pick your song that i must say is really well made and mix it(not like tecnho music,but adding a bass drums and stuff)ill be glad to show u the final result and of course ill respect your work

Very nice

This was a very satisfying song to listen to, because it just had so much going for it! I just find it hilarious that it was used in a game called "Throw Rocks At Shit". This is great because it starts off extremely soft and finally goes into an uproar! The uproar does not really start until the last minute, which is really my only complaint. There are times where it is so soft it's hard to listen to it. That is a compliment as it shows how subtle you can be with your music.

It reminds me of the classic music by those old composers. I thought of that also because you have an old timey photo as your icon picture. It's great to know of someone who enjoys that classic stuff but still knows how to appeal to the masses. While I was anticipating the harder stuff, the lighter stuff was a bit more classy. The notes are all quite adequate.