Reviews for "SousaPalooza"


wierd kind of game resembling the fighter craft game.

This may be a way to teach those illiterate Newgrounds Users some classics in this form! So they will know something besides blood and violent crap. :)

one thing- you should of written the names of composers and names of the music tracks. That would represent the level types!
You should of also used "Night Serenade" for the last level due to its fast pace!
Also, you forgot about Chellos, and Violins! Also could add tympanums!
And use Conductor's stick as a boss!

The explosion effects are a bit distracting and definitely laggy!

Fun, little laggy though.

Was kind of cool to waste some time on.

And to digimak:
1)ALL SONGS were by the same composer
2)Night Serenade WAS NOT by John Philip Sousa
3)Chellos and violins ARE NOT marching instruments.

Some people are completely ignorant. At least take the time to read the author's comments and instructions before you play a game.

I say 7

The ranking system was screwed up on the first level. I played that a few times trying to get an A for the first level, but the best I could manage was a B (and I got #3 on the high scores all the same... call me Superman). But it did not directly depend on how many points I had. Once I got 2900 which was an F... and a little lower than that was a B. What determines what rank you get?

This may bump me down a few notches on the high scores to tell people this, but the best weapon for the last level is the note with the dot on it. It kills lines of tubas like mad. The triple note is more impressive looking but not as good.

It's okay

The opportunity to shoot flutes and clarinets...you totally made a trombone's day :D

Feels like space invaders on crack, especially once you pick up the sixteenths.

I noticed the appropriate instruments came in with their respective parts in the music, which made me start thinking...if those two trumpets playing the duet get blasted, would there still be a duet being played? It's be absolute hell to program, but what if the music was split into its respective parts that faded out as the instruments playing it got blown into oblivion? Just a random thought.

That was cool

I myself play a musical instrument (trumpet), and I happened to like that. As you can see I put in my favorites and the only reason I played this game is because I got it by email and I was like, "Whoa, does he already know I play a trumpet?!?." Well good job man!